Friday, November 15, 2013

Preparing for Assembly

Gator Power Gates. Inc. is preparing to bring this product to the consumer by developing and fabricating parts needed for assembly in Texas. Bryan Alexander, veteran metal worker, opened up his machine shop to help us fabricate parts that will enhance our assembly line for production.

Iron Worker. Bends, cuts and punches holes.

Metal Lathe
TIG Welding
Bryan is known in Salt Lake City for his ornamental rod iron gates and various other quality projects in metal working. He calls his machine shop "Salt City Machine" but his family calls it "Bryan's Wonder Emporium" 

We currently anticipate Gator Power Gates to be ready to purchase early in 2014.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Circuit Board Development

As we transition from Florida to Texas we were able to meet with our electrical engineer Tom Saliga at EDA in Tampa Bay to help us with our second generation circuit board. We hope to have our first set of boards within 3 to 4 weeks as we setup our assembly here in Texas.

John Curry (Inventor) and Tom Saliga, EDA

Big thanks to John Curry for his instrumental help in finishing off the R & D side of things in helping to bring thing amazing product to the consumer. Our goal is to have production ready by January for purchases by consumers.

Gator Power Gate, Inc. is now incorporated in the state of Texas and the owner of the United States Utility Patent for this product.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gator Power Gate in Robstown, Texas

Recently we demonstrated the Gator Power Gate at the AgXchange trade show in Robstown on October 3rd and 4th. It was really a lot of fun meeting farmers and ranchers as well as fellow exhibitors. We really appreciate the warm welcome of our new product as we get ready to launch and bring the Gator Power Gate to the public.

Gator Power Gate Trade Show Preparation
We set-up the Gator Power Gate in our garage as we prepared our exhibit for the AgXchange trade show in Robstown. We set the GPG on an 8 foot gate to accommodate our 10 foot exhibit area. It was really a challenge to anchor a fence post down that would handle the weight of a gate and the motion of an open and closing swing. But it certainly worked out. I recently built the bench on the right to accommodate assembly until we are able to obtain something larger.
Gator Power Gate Trade Show

Stuart on the right was a fellow show exhibitioner selling water treatment systems. We had a great time over the few days. We all had a good laugh during the setup on Tuesday before the show. The Gator Power Gate got away and almost took down a row of curtains behind us. Like I said, there were some challenges in setting up posts to demo the Gator Gate.

We hope you enjoy the terrific response we had at the farm and ranch show. We were able to get several people's testimonies on the Gator Power Gate as they tried it out for themselves. We edited in their comments in the above video. We hope you enjoy.

Please leave us some comments or questions that you might have.

Gator Power Gates Coming Soon

Coming soon is an Automatic Gate Opener that actually works! Many gate openers just do not measure up to what is needed on a farm or ranch. Introducing the new GATOR POWER GATE. It's Gator Tough, almost like an off-road vehicle attached to your farm or ranch gate! Ready to open or close at the click of a button.

Gator Power Gates, US Utility Patent
Invented and developed by a former NASA Saturn S1B rocket engineer and now a blueberry farmer who needed a reliable gate opener as he worked his farm.
Gator Power Gates, US Utility Patent

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