Monday, October 20, 2014

Gator Power Gates, Inc. PRESS RELEASE


Corpus Christi, TX— Gator Power Gates, Inc. announces the release of the Gator Power Gate, an award-winning innovation that is poised to revolutionize the automatic gate opener industry.

The Gator Gate is an automatic gate opener created by retired NASA senior engineer John Curry for use on his Florida blueberry farm. With a farm-owner’s demand for reliability and an engineer’s instinct for problem-solving, Mr. Curry designed a durable, easy-to-install gate opener that would work for all of his gates, whether swing- or slide-opening.

A key distinction between the Gator Gate and competitors is that it attaches to the opening end of the gate instead of the hinge side. Industry-standard swing gate openers use a telescoping actuator mounted near the gate hinge. This leaves the free end of the gate unsupported, which puts the full weight of the gate and the stress of opening and closing force on the hinge post. Daily strain eventually leads to sagging gates, rough operation, failed components, and costly repairs.

The Gator Power Gate uses a completely different approach. It is a free-standing automated unit that supports and pulls any gate from the opening edge. “When you open a gate or a door manually, you don’t pull or push it from the hinge side; that is the least efficient way to gain leverage” explains Dave Alexander, President of Gator Power Gates, Inc. “The concept is so simple…people often say they can’t believe someone hasn't thought of this before.”

Dual flat-free tires and a powerful drive allow the Gator Power Gate opener to perform quickly and smoothly, even on uneven surfaces such as gravel, tire divots, or cattle guards. As one reviewer remarked, “It’s like having an all-terrain robot attached to your gate!” The solar charging system, durable aluminum frame, and weather-proof fiberglass casing all contribute to the Gator Gate’s ease of operation. Requiring no digging, wiring, or cement pouring, the unit can be completely installed in under two hours.

“This really is a new approach to power gate openers, and people are immediately seeing the benefits it has to offer,” says Patti Alexander, CEO. “The feedback from reviewers has been excellent. They are especially impressed by the opening and closing speed, the ease of installation, and the unique way that the Gator Gate supports the weight of the gate to keep it from sagging.”

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Contact: Dave Alexander

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