Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Buy Direct From Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates has a new look on their website to provide new information and more "how to" installation best practices. You can now purchase Directly from manufacturer through our website by simply filling out the form in Order Guide
Gator Power Gates website
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with our 30 day money back guarantee PLUS a one year limited warranty on manufacture defects

We've made it easier for you to make your purchase by using your choice of card. Visit our website for the latest special. 
For a LIMITED Time Gator Power Gates will ship FREE within the continental U.S. with the purchase of the Gator Power Gate
Is it time to automate your gate? We would sure love to be your choice in automating your gate. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gator Spotted at Alaniz's, Corpus Christi!

The Gator Power Gate is now installed at the Alaniz's! This wrought aluminum gate swings to the side and make easy vehicular passage. Gator Power Gates provided custom fabrication and installation for this type of gate. 

Visit our website for more information in automating your gate. www.GatorPowerGates.com

Gator Power Gates... In-Stock!

John Curry was able to join us on a visit to our Tampa Bay warehouse to inspect our inventory. John still going strong at the youthful age 90 finally gets to see his invention going to the market place where others can enjoy this convenience.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

All In One Gator Package

The Gator Power Gate is an all-in-one package that automates your farm, ranch or estate gate. Great way to automate your residential gate. 
Gator Power Gates
Each Gator Power Gate arrives with it own power supply, sensor assembly, and remote control fob to open and close gate.

The power supply consists of a 12 volt battery and 10 watt solar panel to maintain a trickle charge. The sensor assembly consists of 2 magnets & sensors to locate at each stopping position. This communicates to the Gator when to stop automatically after each activation.

Place you order at: www.gatorpowergates.com

Dave Alexander

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gator Installation Best Practices

Gator Power Gates, Inc. adds "Best Practices" installation techniques for the magnet and solar panels on our website. Additional video and pictures available for the novice to professional on the Gator Power Gates website.
Gator Power Gates magnet installation
Pictured above is an easy way in placing the magnet in ground for lasting durability using a 1 inch PVC pipe. Also, you can learn the best method for placing magnet in concrete. Magnet's are used to establish the stopping point when the sensor passes over them as your gate opens and closes.
Gator Power Gate Solar Panel Mounting
We also show an easy way to mount your solar panel that comes with your Gator Power Gate by simply using a piece of 1 inch angle aluminum. These and other tips on easy installation available at http://gatorpowergates.com

Gator Power Gates committed to making your life just a little easier with this innovative automatic gate opener. Stop by our website for new updates.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Gator Spotted at Northup Ranch, Texas

A Gator in Aransas Pass, Texas! Jerry & Lynette Northup have automated their ranch gate with the Gator Power Gate. This automatic gate opener is operating on it's own power supply with a 12 volt battery and a 10 watt solar panel to maintain a trickle charge. Mounted on a swing gate the Gator Power Gate has provided a sense of security and convenience in opening and closing their gate. 

Northup Wire Mesh Gate
Northup Wire Mesh Gate with Gator Power Gate

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gator's Getting Packaged

Gator Power Gates are getting packaged and ready to ship. It won't be long before these are opening and closing various types of gates on farms, ranches, and residents. Below are a few pictures from our manufacture. 
Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates are a "all in one" unit to install on your gate. Some fabrication is required for mounting Gator & Solar panel to you particular gate. Owners manual is provided with each unit for instruction on safety, installation, and operating. Installation Video's available at GatorPowerGates.com

Friday, July 24, 2015

Gator Power Gate, Evolution of an Invention

The Gator Power Gate has gone through many transformations since its early beginnings in John Curry's shop.  Let's take a look at how this innovative gate opener has evolved over years of design and testing.
Gator Power Gate
John started with a simple observation: whenever people open a gate or door, we naturally push or slide from the free edge, not the hinged side.  Opening a gate from its hinges, as traditional gate openers do, is much less efficient.  With the training of a NASA engineer and the practicality of a blueberry farmer, John took this concept to his shop and set out to build his own automatic gate opener.

The first Gator was a single-wheeled unit that used a bike chain and electric motor to drive the wheel in opening and closing his gate.
Gator Power Gate
While developing this prototype, one of John's main challenges was to produce a unit that could handle the varying terrain conditions on his farm, including sand, gravel, and tree roots.  His solution was a purpose-engineered mounting plate suspension system which allows the Gator to easily tackle uneven pavement or terrain.  
Gator Power Gate
Finding that one wheel could bog down in sand or gravel, John increased the traction and stability by using a dual-wheel approach.  
Gator Power Gate

A 10 watt solar panel provided more than enough power to keep the Gator going.

Gator Power Gate

By 2006, the Gator had already come a long way.  John's innovations were awarded a United States Utility Patent, and several of his neighbors were putting the Gator Power Gate through the paces on their own farms and estates.  However, John was not nearly done yet.  

Gator Power Gate

Over the years, he continued to refine and improve on his earlier models, making the unit more compact, weatherproof, and durable.  He gave the Gator a powerful new motor, re-designed the drive train (goodbye, bike chain!) and made the unit easily compatible with slide gate applications. 

Gator Power Gate
With each improvement, the Gator Power Gate became better and better.  But let's be honest...it wasn't winning any beauty contests!
Gator Power Gate
With a new fiberglass cover and a forest green paint job, the Gator started to gain some curb appeal! 
As you can see, a lot has gone into making the Gator Power Gate an effective, convenient, and reliable gate opening solution.  This Gator is farm-raised, field-tested, and ready to impress!

- Jana Badger

Monday, July 13, 2015

Gators Power Gates in Production!

The Gator Power Gates are in production this week and will soon be on several farms, ranches and estate gates. Pre-Booking orders are available at Gator Power Gates website. 

 Stainless steel frames built.
Outer covers created out of a fiberglass type composite

We are so excited to finally be at a place where we can fulfill our request for this revolutionary automatic gate opener. This robot will easily open and close your gate with ease! 

Now accepting pre-orders at: Gator Power Gates

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Installation Videos For Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates Installation Video
Gator Power Gates, Inc. has published their installation videos for new automatic gate opener. These automatic gate openers as you will see can install on any type or size of gate for farms, ranches and estate type gate. Rated for residential type environments. 

Some fabrication and various tools will be needed and therefore may require a professional install from a local fence installer or garage door installer.
The Gator Power Gate is an all-in-one unit that includes with purchase a 12 volt battery & 10 watt solar panel. 

Visit our website for these installation videos and much more! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gator Power Gates Getting Ready

Gator Power Gates, Inc.
Website gets updated with new training videos to show how easy it is to install a Gator Power Gate to any size or type of gate. We used our Gator Laboratory to set-up a typical farm/ranch gate and installed the Gator Power Gate and automated the opening and close features. 

The Gator is coming... Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it...

Gator Power Gates, Inc.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Gators Coming

Gator Power Gates

The Gator Power Gate's almost here... Pictured above is the "signed off" Gator Power Gate and ready for the assembly line. 

Whether your gate slides to the side or swings open wide, just push the button and watch it glide!

Wait for it......... 

Wait for it......... 

Wait for it.........

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

China Manufacturing Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates has been working with the Source Direct in manufacturing in China. We are very close to production as we fine tune our innovative automatic gate opener, the Gator Power Gate (GPG). 
Gator Power Gates, Inc.
Pictured above is the first gator power gate built by our China manufacturer standing next to our domestic model. After running the GPG through its paces and testing in our Gator Laboratory we made some minor engineering modifications in preparation for first production.

Here's a sneak peek of the new Gator Power Gate:

Gator Power Gates, Inc. is currently building our line of distribution through authorized distributors and installers. Visit our website for more information. http://gatorpowergates.com 

Monday, February 9, 2015

AFA FenceTech Success!

We sure had a great time at our first AFA FenceTech show in Orlando, Florida. The response we received from fence installers was overwhelming! We are very close to offering a great new solution to the automatic gate opener industry.
John Curry, Patti Alexander, Dave Alexander, Bob Curry
We were privileged to have John Curry, 89 years young, join us on Thursday at the show where he met guests and shared old war stories and the creation of the Gator Power Gate.

At the Orange Convention Center in Orlando we had to get a picture with their alligator statue. ;)

Sneak Peak of the Gator Power Gate from our manufacturer in China.
(Before it's paint job)

We still have a few engineering adjustments to make before we start production. However, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We thank you for your patience. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gator Power Gates at FenceTech Show in Orlando, 2015

Register and come see us at the FenceTech Show in Orlando, Florida. Come out at the launch of the Innovative Gator Power Gate that was invented by John Curry. John Curry was a WWII fighter pilot and later a lead engineer on the Apollo S1B rocket is where he learned his ingenuity in design.

John Curry
John now works his blueberry farm where he needed easy passage trough his gates. Investigating what was available he learned that all swing gate automatic openers had a major engineering flaw... all swing gate openers open and close the gate with an arm attached to the least leveraged side of the gate.This causes over time extra stress on these devices as gates receive ware and tare over time.

Introducing the Gator Power Gate. The only automatic gate opener that attaches to the cantilever side of the gate providing maximum leverage to opening and closing a gate.

Their hasn't been a real change in automatic gate openers in years until now. Operating on a 12v battery with 10 watt solar panel is an "all in one" robot that easily attaches to any gate. The Gator Gate will be glade to open and close your gate for you each time you enter or exit.

Feel free to register to the FenceTech show on link provided. Thanks so much.