Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gator Power Gates at FenceTech Show in Orlando, 2015

Register and come see us at the FenceTech Show in Orlando, Florida. Come out at the launch of the Innovative Gator Power Gate that was invented by John Curry. John Curry was a WWII fighter pilot and later a lead engineer on the Apollo S1B rocket is where he learned his ingenuity in design.

John Curry
John now works his blueberry farm where he needed easy passage trough his gates. Investigating what was available he learned that all swing gate automatic openers had a major engineering flaw... all swing gate openers open and close the gate with an arm attached to the least leveraged side of the gate.This causes over time extra stress on these devices as gates receive ware and tare over time.

Introducing the Gator Power Gate. The only automatic gate opener that attaches to the cantilever side of the gate providing maximum leverage to opening and closing a gate.

Their hasn't been a real change in automatic gate openers in years until now. Operating on a 12v battery with 10 watt solar panel is an "all in one" robot that easily attaches to any gate. The Gator Gate will be glade to open and close your gate for you each time you enter or exit.

Feel free to register to the FenceTech show on link provided. Thanks so much.

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