Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gator's Getting Packaged

Gator Power Gates are getting packaged and ready to ship. It won't be long before these are opening and closing various types of gates on farms, ranches, and residents. Below are a few pictures from our manufacture. 
Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates are a "all in one" unit to install on your gate. Some fabrication is required for mounting Gator & Solar panel to you particular gate. Owners manual is provided with each unit for instruction on safety, installation, and operating. Installation Video's available at GatorPowerGates.com

Friday, July 24, 2015

Gator Power Gate, Evolution of an Invention

The Gator Power Gate has gone through many transformations since its early beginnings in John Curry's shop.  Let's take a look at how this innovative gate opener has evolved over years of design and testing.
Gator Power Gate
John started with a simple observation: whenever people open a gate or door, we naturally push or slide from the free edge, not the hinged side.  Opening a gate from its hinges, as traditional gate openers do, is much less efficient.  With the training of a NASA engineer and the practicality of a blueberry farmer, John took this concept to his shop and set out to build his own automatic gate opener.

The first Gator was a single-wheeled unit that used a bike chain and electric motor to drive the wheel in opening and closing his gate.
Gator Power Gate
While developing this prototype, one of John's main challenges was to produce a unit that could handle the varying terrain conditions on his farm, including sand, gravel, and tree roots.  His solution was a purpose-engineered mounting plate suspension system which allows the Gator to easily tackle uneven pavement or terrain.  
Gator Power Gate
Finding that one wheel could bog down in sand or gravel, John increased the traction and stability by using a dual-wheel approach.  
Gator Power Gate

A 10 watt solar panel provided more than enough power to keep the Gator going.

Gator Power Gate

By 2006, the Gator had already come a long way.  John's innovations were awarded a United States Utility Patent, and several of his neighbors were putting the Gator Power Gate through the paces on their own farms and estates.  However, John was not nearly done yet.  

Gator Power Gate

Over the years, he continued to refine and improve on his earlier models, making the unit more compact, weatherproof, and durable.  He gave the Gator a powerful new motor, re-designed the drive train (goodbye, bike chain!) and made the unit easily compatible with slide gate applications. 

Gator Power Gate
With each improvement, the Gator Power Gate became better and better.  But let's be honest...it wasn't winning any beauty contests!
Gator Power Gate
With a new fiberglass cover and a forest green paint job, the Gator started to gain some curb appeal! 
As you can see, a lot has gone into making the Gator Power Gate an effective, convenient, and reliable gate opening solution.  This Gator is farm-raised, field-tested, and ready to impress!

- Jana Badger

Monday, July 13, 2015

Gators Power Gates in Production!

The Gator Power Gates are in production this week and will soon be on several farms, ranches and estate gates. Pre-Booking orders are available at Gator Power Gates website. 

 Stainless steel frames built.
Outer covers created out of a fiberglass type composite

We are so excited to finally be at a place where we can fulfill our request for this revolutionary automatic gate opener. This robot will easily open and close your gate with ease! 

Now accepting pre-orders at: Gator Power Gates

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Installation Videos For Gator Power Gates

Gator Power Gates Installation Video
Gator Power Gates, Inc. has published their installation videos for new automatic gate opener. These automatic gate openers as you will see can install on any type or size of gate for farms, ranches and estate type gate. Rated for residential type environments. 

Some fabrication and various tools will be needed and therefore may require a professional install from a local fence installer or garage door installer.
The Gator Power Gate is an all-in-one unit that includes with purchase a 12 volt battery & 10 watt solar panel. 

Visit our website for these installation videos and much more!