Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Gator Spotted at Northup Ranch, Texas

A Gator in Aransas Pass, Texas! Jerry & Lynette Northup have automated their ranch gate with the Gator Power Gate. This automatic gate opener is operating on it's own power supply with a 12 volt battery and a 10 watt solar panel to maintain a trickle charge. Mounted on a swing gate the Gator Power Gate has provided a sense of security and convenience in opening and closing their gate. 

Northup Wire Mesh Gate
Northup Wire Mesh Gate with Gator Power Gate

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  1. We've been using our Gator Gate for a week and we are loving it, especially with this heat. We have been dealing with our neighbor's dogs (big mean ones) long enough that we have our acreage fenced to protect our cats, chickens and peacocks. Each time we enter or leave we have to get out and open and close the gate. We have 'bumped' the old gate so many times that the bumper was about to fall off of our truck. We either needed a new bumper or a gate opener. The Gator Gate filled the bill. It can be installed and adjusted by the homeowner, plus it opens with good speed and the remote works from at least 200 feet so we can open it from the house for guests. One of the best features is we will not have to deal with a sagging gate. It closes securely enough that we don't have to worry about those big mean dogs anymore!