Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gator Installation Best Practices

Gator Power Gates, Inc. adds "Best Practices" installation techniques for the magnet and solar panels on our website. Additional video and pictures available for the novice to professional on the Gator Power Gates website.
Gator Power Gates magnet installation
Pictured above is an easy way in placing the magnet in ground for lasting durability using a 1 inch PVC pipe. Also, you can learn the best method for placing magnet in concrete. Magnet's are used to establish the stopping point when the sensor passes over them as your gate opens and closes.
Gator Power Gate Solar Panel Mounting
We also show an easy way to mount your solar panel that comes with your Gator Power Gate by simply using a piece of 1 inch angle aluminum. These and other tips on easy installation available at

Gator Power Gates committed to making your life just a little easier with this innovative automatic gate opener. Stop by our website for new updates.

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