Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Level and Plumb

We begin our Gator Power Gate installations with making adjustments needed to bring your gate to a level and plumb position. Over time gravity seems to always cause gates to sag. Most cases only minor adjustments are needed. Sometimes, a new post will need to be placed in the ground to get the proper plumb (vertical measurement) to hold gate in a level (horizontal measurement) position. 
Level and Plum, Gator Power Gates, Inc.
In the picture above shows an application that required a new post built to last and support a 16 foot pipe/wire mesh gate.The old post couldn't bare the weight and the gate would sag. You can see that the finished product is a post that is plumb and a swing gate that is level. 
In the video we show examples of the adjustments made prior to installing the Gator Power Gate. This is a key "best practice" to optimize Gator performance when opening and closing gates. The weight of a swing gate should be supported by its hinges.
We leveled this wrought iron gate by simply adjusting the bolts on the hinges. Moving the bottom bolts out and the top bolts in slightly until gate is level.

Your gonna love your Gator Power Gate!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Lago In The Morning Talks Gators

Popular news radio host Jim Lago of "Lago In The Morning" (KKTX 1360) has been researching how to automate his wrought iron gate for the past year. His friends didn't recommend the mighty mule because the actuating arm can have to much tension and break. Others recommended counter balance weights to open gate manually.

Listen how Jim Lago is excited about the Gator Power Gate! He's chatting with Dr. Keith Rose telling him that he's got to come over an see the Gator Power Gate!

We're certainly grateful that Jim has found the Gator Power Gate as a solution to automating his gate. He especially enjoys the simplicity of the Gator Power Gate by attaching basically a "box" or robot to the end of your gate. Sharing that we're locally owned and operated here in Corpus Christi.

The Gator Power Gate is ready to automate your swing gate by uniquely attaching to the cantilever side of the gate. The Gator is an all terrain robot that you control to open and close your swing gate.