Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gators, Knowing When To Stop

Anyone who has seen the Gator Power Gate in action knows it is built to move. However, a lot of thought and design also went into getting the Gator to stop! The motion controls built in to the Gator power gate system include safety reverse, manual or remote operation, and magnetic sensor stop-points. Together, these controls allow precise and customizable operation of your power gate.

Safety Reverse: The Gator Power Gate will automatically stop and reverse 2 feet if it encounters obstacles. (Of course, we still recommend you don’t get in the way of a charging Gator!)
Manual and Remote controls: The Gator Power Gate can be controlled using the included remote fob. It also features a manual control panel.
The Gator can learn with other compatible 3 button 433 mhz type controllers.
Magnetic sensors: The Gator Power Gate uses a magnetic sensor to detect its stopping points. Here’s how it works!
Just as a motion sensor detects movement, magnetic sensors can detect changes in magnetic fields. In the Gator Power Gate, a magnetic sensor mounted alongside the unit responds to the presence of two magnetic markers. These markers can be positioned at the desired “open” and “closed” positions for your gate. When the magnetic sensor wand passes above one of these magnetic markers, it signals the Gator to stop moving. This allows you to easily customize the operation of your gate. For those “do it yourselves” out there, we’ve outlined some best practices when installing the magnets.
You will be most impressed with watching the Gator go. However, safety reverse, remote and manual controls, and magnetic sensor stop-points also ensure that the Gator Power Gate knows when to stop!
Jana Badger

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