Friday, April 15, 2016

DIY Project, Removing An Old Gate Post

A great way to ad value to a home is a good plumb and level gate. This is a great home improvement project that will certainly give you added value. When replacing that old gate, sometimes you have to go the extra mile and replace the Post as well. Here we show you how to get that old gate post out of the ground.
Old Gate Post, Gator Power Gates, Inc.
This gate post shown above simply isn't strong enough for the new gate that will be installed. So, this old post has to come out. 
Old Gate Post, Gator Power Gates, Inc.
Secure a 4 x 4 piece of wood to the side of the post using large 1/2 inch nuts and bolts. 
Old Gate Post, Gator Power Gates, Inc.
Using a High-Lift jack you can simply jack the post out of it's position in the ground. This is a little more difficult then it sounds. But, with a little elbow grease, it will come out. 
Getting this out of the ground was some extra effort, but worth it. Now we can place a new post in the ground that will hold up our new gate.

Gator Power Gates recommends that your gate should be level and plumb prior to installing their automatic gate system. 

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