Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gator Power Gate Founder, Inventor Passes

The founder and inventor of the Gator Power Gates passes on May 29th, 2017 at the young age of 91 years old. Pictured above is John in front of his blueberry farm where his "ah ha" moment came and the Gator Power Gate was invented. He is survived by his 2 son's and daughter several grand children and great grand children. 
John working his blueberry farm needed a device to open and close his gates automatically so he didn't have to climb off his tractor whenever he had to cross into a different section of his farm. He checked into what was available in the market to purchase and discovered that "the security gate industry has been dominated by devices that apply opening and closing forces to the hinge end of gates. This method is inefficient and has many drawbacks and failures despite the fact that it is used by virtually all manufacturers. Companies have been building gate openers the same way for years and years!"
John used his engineering training and farming experience to solve his automatic gate opening problem. He decided to build his own. He went through several prototypes to finally came up with a winner. See the Evolution of an Invention.
I have to tell ya... Those blueberries are awesome fresh of the bush. We were glad to come home with a few blueberry bushes to enjoy.
John sure enjoyed hanging out on his front porch with family making small talk and solving world problems.

We'll miss his advise and his ability to work through problem solving. Wonderful mentor as we build the Gator Power Gates brand. Till we meet again. 

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