Saturday, July 22, 2017

Gator Power Gate 300 Now Available

The Gator 300 is now available sporting some great new features! We also have upgrade kits available to previous gator owners and take your existing Gator 250 to a 300.  All future Gator purchases will come equipped with these amazing updates.
  1. The Gator now comes with a light that attaches to your gate and turns on every time you activate your Gator. This is great for those late night arrivals and departures. We've also programmed the light to "flash" when battery gets low and needs a charge.
  2. Limit switch replaces the magnet sensors. This makes it easier for installation and more forgiving for sagging gates. The single limit switch replaces the 2 (two) magnet sensors for greater reliability. 
  3. Larger remote control that clips to your car visor. 
  4. New circuit board to manage these new devices. Also comes with auto reset surge protection for those AC plug-in chargers. 
  5. Key-pad capabilities. Purchased separately. 
  6. Photo eyes capabilities for additional safety features. Purchased separately. 
Visit us at Gator Power Gates with any questions you may have. We hope to be your automatic gate solution.

Dave Alexander

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