Friday, September 15, 2017

Surviving Hurricane Harvey

The eye of hurricane Harvey came through just North of Corpus Christi but left us with 6-8 feet of storm surge and 140 mph winds. With our headquarters on Padre Island we evacuated out and did our best to "batten down the hatches" as they say. 
Upon our return we found the Gator Power Gate missing one wheel. Our neighbors stayed through the storm (said they'd never do that again)  and told us that the gate had come loose and was waving in the wind and slapping against the post. They discovered where the loud "bang" was coming from and re-secured the gate with a huge tree log. But not before the Gator loosing a wheel in the process of flapping in the wind. 
One of our loyal customers recommended we use airplane safety wire to hold the hub knob in place so it doesn't loosen on its own and come off. Illustrated below is the Aircraft Stainless Steel Lock Wire we used to secure knob. This is a nice solution to locking the hub knob in place and still be able to put the Gator into manual operation if needed with simple wire cutters.

This was an easy repair and put the Gator right back in service. 

We were also pleasantly surprised that the Gate itself stood up to these Harvey winds. A few blog posts illustrate how we installed these gates:

Learn more about the Gator Power Gates on our website.

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