Monday, September 4, 2017

What's the Importance of a Gate Hinge?

There are lots of different types of hinges available on the market to choose from. However, some hinges are definitely better than others. We're going to focus on hinges for driveway gates. The "MAIN" purpose of the gate hinges is to allow your gate to swing open and close freely without much effort. Hinges also need to be able to bare the entire weight load of the gate. Keep in mind the hinges will begin to have wear and tear and start to fail. Thus, allowing your gate to sag and be more difficult to open and close. 
The hinges shown is these pictures are the least efficient gate hinges. These hinges appear to be "Heavy Duty" but over time will allow gate to sag and ultimately be disappointed with the results. Once your gate begins to sag the hinges have failed. There is no way to resolve this without replacing the hinges and/or the post. 

We recommend installing adjustable hinges for your gate. Hinges used in these pictures are "Heavy Duty" and also allow for adjustments to the hinge to keep gate level and plumb. These hinges are best when attaching an automatic gate opener like the Gator Power Gate. Keeping a gate level and plumb is important for automatic gate openers in reducing the amount of work load of automatic gate openers.

In the below video we illustrate the importance of having a gate level and plumb. 

Dave Alexander
Gator Power Gates, Inc.

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