Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gator at Double Dog Ranch

This driveway gate now enjoys the company of a Gator at Double Dog Ranch! These Gators love to open and close gates and this wrought iron is no exception. These Gators are slowly creeping across Texas where home, farm and ranch owners love'em.

The new Gator 300 offers new features to enhance the gate opening experience. They now come with a Gator Light that illuminates each time you activate it. This is great in the evening when leaving or entering your property. However, the light also serves as an early warning for low battery. The light will start flashing when activated to let you know the battery is at 80% life. The Gator will continue to operate, but it's nice to know if you need to give the gate a rest and let the solar panel catch up.

These gators really look great on your property over the single arm actuators. No boxes on the side of your gate and an arm that crosses over half your gate. We think your gonna LOVE your Gator.

Learn more on how to get yours by visiting our website. Gator Power Gates.