Thursday, January 4, 2018

Gate Access Light Comes with the Gator

The Gator Power Gates comes now with a light! Great feature when arriving at night when you're searching for your gate. The light will illuminate each time you activate your Gator. Also gives early warning of battery life. Learn more...

Everyone's Gate access is different. Some households require multiple people and vehicles to access a gate. Gator Power Gate is powered by a 12 volt battery that needs to be recharged based on the amount of usage. One on the most asked question we get is, "how many times will the Gator open and close my gate on one battery charge?" This is a difficult question to ask and depends on your particular type of installation. We go into more depth on our website about the power source.

Typically, the 10 watt solar panel is enough to maintain a charge on your 12 volt deep cycle battery for normal use. To help learn your usage habits and and what's normal for your application, we've added a light feature. When you see your light flashing when activated, you'll know that your battery is at 80% life. You can continue to use your Gator until the battery is discharged at 50%. However, we'd recommend you give the gate a rest while the sun charges the battery through solar panel. Batteries can't hold a charge when they've gotten down to 50% life. 

You can see the value in getting an early warning visual of your current usage is more than the sun/solar panel can keep a charge on battery. 

Gators are just a great way to open and close your residential farm, ranch or estate gate. Visit our website or give us a call with any questions you may have. 

Dave Alexander
Gator Power Gates, Inc.